New Surface Pro 4 And Surface Book

surfaceproandsurfacebookAs a lifetime user of Microsoft products (yep, never drank the Apple kool-aid except for my iPhone and iPad) for general work, photo, and video use, I’m super excited to see that Microsoft is making some very cool things lately.  I almost bought a Surface Pro 3 last month, but after doing some research I was convinced to wait for the latest update with the Surface Pro 4.  I’m glad I did, because the new version just came out.

However, I also saw that there is now a Surface Book option.  The Surface Book is more of a laptop type device, and stands to be a bit more powerful.  The attractive factor with the Surface Book is that it is actually much more suited for lap-use than the Surface Pro, which is more of a tablet than a laptop.

So now I am in quite a quandry.  I’m horrible at making decisions, so needless to say that although I was excited about the Surface Book I was also annoyed that now I have to choose!  (Okay, maybe that’s not really a problem).

The thing is, right now I use a standalone computer for video editing, and a laptop for general business use and coffee shop-ing.  I’ve been doing this because I didn’t want to run Premiere on a laptop as it seems it would be handicapped.  But the advancement of hardware has been so great lately that it almost seems possible to run Premiere Pro on a laptop.  The Surface Book’s specs are rather tempting in this regard.

However I also don’t want to feel constrained on ONE workstation.  Of course I would use external hard drives, but having everything on one single machine scares me a little bit.

It would be kind of nice to edit video on the road, although I am not sure how often I would need to do that.

The portability of the Surface Pro 4 is quite attractive – it’s slim and quite light.  And it’s powerful enough to edit photos and maybe do a smidgen of video editing if I had to.  But the thing I would get it for is business work. I hate dragging my laptop around with me when I go on trips – even at 4 pounds it’s still kind of heavy and annoying.

At this point I’m inclined to just get the Surface Pro 4 and save some money and just get a dedicated video editing rig like I usually do.  It would be really fun to have a super light and portable tablet / laptop that has an actual OS on it.

Have you used the Surface Pro?  Are you going to get one?  Are you interested in the Surface Book?  Let us know in the comments!