Essential Steps To Start A Blog And Should You Hire A Web Designer

Perhaps you would like to start a blog so as to promote your brand or simply share your ideas with other individuals on any particular niche. In fact, blogging is the most inexpensive way to share your thoughts with others or promote anything you like. In the following paragraphs, we are going to throw some light on how to start a blog.

1. Choose the appropriate blogging platform
Although there are lots of different platforms, each platform is going to be different from the other. Consequently, your first step prior to starting a blog will be to choose your preferred blogging platform which will help you to create your blogs without any difficulty.  You can start a blog with WordPress and a good host like BlueHost for very little upfront.  Check out this article on starting a blog with BlueHost for a walkthrough.
2. Select an attractive headline
Your content might be quite appealing, but it will be of no use without a catchy headline. A headline has got the potential to attract other individuals to any blog, and therefore, you should try to keep these headlines simple as well as powerful.
3. Comprehend your audience
Comprehending your audience implies that you have got a better idea of what content material will be able to draw their attention to your blog.
4. Obtain suggestions from the audience
It is advisable to create a blog post that will be able to answer the most interesting queries from the individuals with whom you’re interacting on the social media. In this way, you’ll be able to obtain ideas from them regarding your blog. You should try to comprehend what kind of topic will attract them the most.
5. Write regularly
One of the most crucial things which bloggers tend to ignore is consistency. You should ask yourself regarding how frequently you want to write. However, one must blog frequently so as to obtain more traffic as well as experience.
Below, we will focus on some advantages and disadvantages of starting a website on your own versus hiring somebody to do it for you.
Advantages of creating a website on your own:
1. Creating a website on your own will help you to save a considerable amount of money. On the other hand, if you employ a professional web designer, he will prove to be quite expensive for you.
2. A do-it-yourself website will provide you with lots of freedom as well as flexibility in order to create something according to your own preference, and you need not pay any additional charges for that.
3. You need to learn several essential software prior to building a site on your own, for example, HTML, Photoshop, InDesign, Flash and so on. These skills can help you in various ways in the upcoming days.
Drawbacks of creating a website on your own:
1. Creating a website yourself can be quite time-consuming since you need to invest a considerable amount of time for learning some complicated software.
2. In case you do take the help of any template, there is little chance of your website to become unique.
3. In most cases, do-it-yourself websites fail to work properly. It is very important to learn coding for which one needs to give plenty of labor.
Next, we will explain why it is better to hire a professional for creating your website.
Although it will be quite expensive to employ an expert web designer, it will give you better results in the long run. A professional has got all the required expertise as well as knowledge to make your site attractive as well as user-friendly. In fact, while some freelance web designers might charge you anything between $500 and $1,000, a large web designing company might ask for as much as $5,000 to get the job done. In case you do not have the required skills of starting your website yourself, it will be advisable to pay a professional web designer.