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August 4, 2017

Tips For Travelers

Did you know that the pilot and the co-pilot of commercial flights are not allowed to eat the same food?  This is one step in ensuring that the two pilots don’t both go down, a creepy but interesting factoid about air travel.  The more you know…  If you travel a lot you’re sure to pick up on these little things here and there.  However it can get exhausting to travel for business all the time.  That’s why we have a few tips and tricks for business travelers who are sick of it already!  Don’t you want to make your life easier?

Get Global Entry / TSA Precheck

Ok, this could be a post all by itself.  However the process for getting Global Entry for me was amazingly easy.  I just did the online form, paid my $100 (which was reimbursed by Chase’s Sapphire Reserve benefits!) and got my appointment.  It was a breeze, and now I don’t have to waste time in security lines and I don’t have to take off my dang shoes!  Overall I recommend that you just get Global Entry as it includes TSA Precheck.  Why just get one?  The next time you take an international flight you’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t get Global Entry.  Just do it.  It also includes SENTRI, which, if you’re not near the Mexican border you’ve probably never heard of.  Anyway, many businesses will reimburse their employees in order to get this.

Get All The Airline Apps

Ok, even though I’m pretty tech savvy I never got the stupid airline apps, and I never did a digital boarding pass.  I don’t know why either.  Anyway, on my recent trip to Portland I did the digital boarding pass thing and let me tell you—- I SHOULD HAVE STARTED DOING THIS A LONG TIME AGO.  It made my life so much easier.  I didn’t have to worry about losing my boarding pass in some pocket, and it just reduced the amount of stuff I had to carry.  This plus having TSA Precheck made gettin gon my flight SO easy.  I’m telling you.

Try Not To Check A Bag

Like my friend Leigh Gordon states on her blog, not checking a bag makes your life about 1000 times easier.  Her top tips for business travel post last week was great – it outlined the time you will save if you not only have TSA Precheck, a digital boarding pass, but if you can skip that damn checkin to check your bag you will be SO MUCH HAPPIER.  However, some flights are also charging for a checked bag, so make sure you know what your airline’s policies are.

Get Good Headphones

Look, if you can afford it, get some noise canceling headphones.  And use them.  Blocking out the damn hum of a plane is a luxury you definitely need to experience.  This is especially true if you are seated in an exit row or you are seated in the back of the plane (a very noisy area).